For Physicians

Crescent DermSurgery is dedicated strictly to providing Mohs micrographic surgery to your patients that need that service. We do not offer general dermatologic services or offer cosmetic services or products. This is done in an effort to provide a spirit of true collaboration with our referring physicians. This allows us to concentrate strictly on the treatment of skin cancer and allows the referring physician to focus on the dermatologic care of their patients.

If you wish to send a patient to us for treatment of their skin cancer, there are a number of ways to do so. First, you can reach our office via phone. Our number is 504-570-6370. You can arrange for your patient to call us to set up an appointment or we will call them directly per your preference. Second, you can fax the patient’s demographics and relevant pathology report and we will contact the patient directly to set up a consult and/or surgery. Our fax number is 504-570-6372. Upon receipt of the fax, we will make the appropriate arrangements and inform you when the patient is coming in for evaluation or surgery.

When the patient comes in for their Mohs surgery, we usually repair the resultant defect in our office. In some instances, the referring physician may prefer to do the repair themselves. If this is the case, simply call the office or state that preference when you fax the patient’s demographics and pathology report. We will coordinate the Mohs surgery and the subsequent repair with your office.

In all cases, upon completion of their Mohs surgery, the patient will be referred back to your office for their continued care. Our office will provide a clinical summary upon completion of the patient’s surgical care. We will continue to follow the patient in the postoperative period to monitor the progress of the surgeries that we performed. Upon completion of their postoperative surveillance, the patient will be returned completely to your care. We are always happy to follow up with patients after they have been discharged to your care, if that is the desire of the referring physician.


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